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Dear Homeowner

There are 8 things that every contractor should tell a homeowner about home renovation. As a contractor, in business, download this fly sheet and include it in your proposal and quote.


Dear Homeowner, before I start, please know


As a contractor, I earn my money only when I am doing work that I can bill clients for. That means any discussions such as estimating and design discussions are all done on my own nickel. Nor can I afford to be idle. Please do not waste my time and I will not waste yours.


While many homeowners love watching home renovation shows, I as a contractor am not in the entertainment business. I feel uncomfortable when someone is watching me at work. I would appreciate you not looking over my shoulder as I work and especially, no “back seat driving”.


As a business person, I have bills to pay for products, material and supplies, as well as taxes to remit. That all takes cash flow. To make it all manageable, I need you to pay my bills promptly. The government is no more understandable about late payments than I can afford to be. Please pay my bills promptly. That means within the month.


During the course of your project there may be several decisions to make – design decisions as well as dealing with the unexpected. There may be approvals as well before moving to the next step. Don’t make decisions in haste but please don’t dither. If you need extra time to do research, to think any situation through, let me know when you can make a decision. Work with me to make those decisions happen quickly so that I am not idle.


When I gave you a quote for your project, the level of effort was based on what you told me. When you ask me to do extra work – regardless of how big or small – you need to be able to pay for it. All work takes time. Given that I am selling my time as well as my expertise, I have to charge for it. Please don’t ask me to do extra work without offering extra money.


If home renovation worked perfectly, I would be busy 100% of my time. That is unrealistic as I have to talk to other clients during the day as I find my next client. I will be respectful of my commitment to you as I market to other clients.


To be as busy as I can be, I need to be able to schedule all tasks and activity. That means starting a job as we discussed, on time. That also means no interruptions during the course of the project. I will do my part as you must do your part in starting on time.


I will do my best to meet and even exceed your expectations. I will be mindful of your budget. The best thank you can give me is to write a review so that I can stand out as well as minimise my marketing expenses.