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Review Guidelines

The following guidelines have been prepared to ensure reviews submitted are helpful, informative, and useful to the MyReno411 community.

In order to submit a review a User must have subscribed to our service and created a MyReno411 account.

  • In regards to a financial transaction between a homeowner & business: Reviews should be based off of a financial transaction between the homeowners submitting a review and the business being reviewed. Reviews should not be based off of the experiences of others or hearsay.
  • Free of profanity, bigotry, threats, or sexually explicit language: Any reviews submitted containing profanity, bigotry, threats, or sexually explicit language will be removed as well as the User account associated with the content. This is a family friendly environment and all opinions can be expressed without such language.
  • Free of any conflict of interest: Current, former, and future employees, owners, and partners may not pose as consumers to post reviews on their companies or competitors companies.
  • Reviews must not allege illegal activity or malpractice: Reviews should not condemn a business of any illegal activity; such events should be reported to local law enforcement officers, not online reviews.
  • Unique & independent: Homeowners are only allowed to submit one review on a business with which they have done business, multiple reviews will be removed.
  • Original: Submitted reviews should be original content and not copied from other reviews or websites.
  • Free from personal information: Reviews will be publicly displayed and should, therefore, not contain personal information on yourself or in relation to any individuals who have done work for you. When submitting a review your online name & neighbourhood/city will be displayed, however, your email address will not be displayed, please consult our Privacy Policy for more information.
  • Written in English or French: Reviews must be submitted in either English or French depending on the Users preference. Users will have the option to view translated versions of reviews, however, Reno 411 Inc. does not guarantee the quality of the translated review.
  • Grammar & caps locks: Reviews should include proper punctuation and grammar. Reviews should not be posted in caps locks as this can make your review appear less credible.
  • Non-commercial: Reviews should not contain email address, website addresses, or promotional material of any kind. Reviews found to be doing this will be removed.
  • Age requirements: We will not post reviews from individuals under the age of 18 years old.

Reviews submitted by Users of MyReno411 are by nature an individual’s opinion and therefore, highly subjective. The content submitted by Users does not reflect the beliefs or opinions of Reno 411 Inc. Reno 411 Inc. retains the right (but not obligation), at our entire discretion, to refuse to publish, or to remove, or to block access to any content you provide, at any time and for any reason, with or without notice.

Any reviews that are deemed to have infringed upon these guidelines will be removed and replaced with a flag explaining the nature of the infringement. Should a User request a review they submitted be removed then it will be replaced with a flag stating such.