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E-Books: Promoting Your Business

MyReno411 aims to be the most reliable source of information for home design and renovation.


The Best Advertising Strategy Ever

The advertising world is ever so changing, so why isn’t your advertising STRATEGY doing the same? The objective of this eBook is to learn about the online advertising techniques in which your company should be utilizing.

6 Ways to promote your home improvement business

There are many ways to promote your business. This eBook will outline 6 strategies and how to implement them.

10 Best Business Practices for Home Renovation Contractors

Making the transition from being a tradesperson that specializes in doing the work to becoming a contractor that manages the work can be tricky. This eBook will help guide you in managing your business.

7 Questions

When you’re working and building your business it’s difficult to take a step back and plan for the future, especially if you have lots of work. This eBook will help you take stock and critically evaluate your business.

10 Best Sales Techniques

Selling and closing new business can sometimes be the most difficult aspect when you own your a home renovation business. This eBook will guide you through the selling process.