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E-Books: Pre-Renovation

MyReno411 aims to be the most reliable source of information for home design and renovation.

If you're planning a renovation the ebooks in this will give you the information you need to make the right decisions. These ebooks will tell you about the different finishing options and the potential pitfalls for these projects.


10 Best Practices For Homeowners Doing A Home Renovation

Managing a renovation isn’t like eating cake on your birthday, but these 10 practices will make that renovation you’ve been dreaming about a lot less stressful.

10 Things You Need To Know About Home Renovation

Given that a home renovation is an investment – financial as well as emotional – it is important to know the basics.

Kitchen Renovation Budget Levels

One of the major constraints in a renovation is the budget. This eBook will provide you with information on how much work you can get done in your kitchen depending on your budget level.

Building Permit Checklist

When you do a renovation a building permit may be required. This guide will help you determine whether your renovation requires a building permit.

Foundation Checklist

The longevity and structural integrity of your home is dependent on the condition of your foundation. Understanding potential issues that could affect it could help alleviate when you are looking to renovate or buy.

Floor System Checklist

Your flooring system is a key component of your house. Unfortunately, it is not possible to see it unless you have taken off the finish (ie. the top layer of flooring). Using this 10 point checklist you’ll be able to tell if your flooring system is in good condition.

Wood Stud Wall Checklist

The system of walls in your house can easily be overlooked. This 10 point checklist will help you identify potential issues with your walls.

Define Your Style

Selecting the finishes for your home can be stressful. Use this eBook to begin the process of developing your own design style by learning about the dominant design styles.

Measuring a Bathroom

Learn how to measure your bathroom accurately and efficiently.