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eBook:Define Your Style

Discover the style that’s right for you
Define Your Style

What this eBook will teach you:

The history of popular design styles

The key traits of popular design styles

How to execute the different styles

The differences between styles that at first seem similar

The many design styles that go beyond traditional/classic and modern/contemporary

Selecting the permanent finishes for your home can be overwhelming. You could end up living with the decisions for decades. Part of the stress comes from the desire to create a look that suits your budget, has a cohesive look and reflects your current and future lifestyle.

Using this eBook you will gain an understanding of some of the key traits of the most popular design styles. It is rare that you will find just one style that speaks to you. More likely, you will find elements of several design styles appealing. The trick will be figuring out how to blend them to create something you are comfortable with.
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