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Careers with RENO411 Inc.

Preamble is becoming the one stop shop to inspire and enable the home design and renovation experience in North America. Our web service serves the $70 billion market and the 2.5 million homeowners doing a home renovation in Canada as well as the $300 billion market in USA. Our web site, launched in September 2013 at the Home & Design show, already lists over 130,000 contractors and stores across Canada and over 800,000 in USA. Our social media strategy – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. – is also driving ever increasing traffic to our web site.

Our web service is already a “top 5” web site in North America, based on product features, content and vision.

As we grow in size and capability we will always be in “entrepreneurial mode”. Specifically that means being a value based organisation rather than a rules based one, agile rather than bureaucratic, making investment decisions based on a business cases rather than a spend. We offer an entrepreneurial, fast-pace environment and the opportunity to work on a team with talented, innovative and creative individuals. We are looking for people with experience, skill and new ideas to help us grow and continue to deliver exceptional content.

Only “A” level candidates – experience and attitude – need apply. Only qualified applicants will hear back from us. Please send your resume and cover letter to th the position in the subject line. Let us know your salary expectations.

Both the reporting relationship and job duties are subject to amendment in accordance with operational requirements.


.Net MVC C#, MS SQL; jQuery, Visual Studio 12


Alex Beraskow
President & CEO


Many people can work from their home offices, regardless of physical location as we are interconnected, harnessing the web.


Programmer Analyst – Web

The Programmer Analyst(s) will develop and take the web service to the next level. This is not a desk job! This is hands on coding and development, working as part of a small development team.

Essential functions and responsibilities
  • Program new features as they are discussed
  • Propose new functionality – to in turn create elegance and utility
  • Test all programs thoroughly
  • Participate in overall product design discussions and decisions to create a compelling and unique experience for our users
  • 2 years of web development experience (.Net platform)
  • Some business acumen
  • Expertise with web development, search, content management systems, payment processing etc.

Sales Manager – Selling MyReno411 services

Sales managers across the country Canada will be directly responsible for all revenue sources: both subscription as well as advertising revenue on our web site.

Essential functions and responsibilities
  • Develop an overall approach and strategy for revenue generation. This includes a revenue budget along with confirming the existing rate card.
  • Participate in the advertising program which is based on tenets of both outbound as well as inbound marketing.
  • Sell subscriptions to contractors and advertising to suppliers.

  • 3+ years of direct selling of advertising (media – print, radio, TV)
  • 3+ years of direct selling of subscriptions (web and/or print media)
  • 1+ years’ experience with inbound marketing techniques
  • 1+ years’ experience with online revenue generation (web based)
  • Passion and interest in home renovations

Content Manager - Editor

The Content Manager will develop ever more compelling content, to develop an audience and readership. In essence this person is more than an Editor, responsible for all web content – authorship through publishing – as well as developing social media. Our content includes home DIY guides, best practices, blog posts, editing of content submitted by others and lots of accompanying imagery (in time 1,000 articles, 10,000 photos, 500 videos and 50 eBooks).

Essential functions and responsibilities
  • Develop the web Content Strategy that will promote a rich experience for all clients – homeowners as well as contractors.
  • Author (write) and publish relevant multimedia content - text as well as photographs. Create amazing and engaging content that clients love to read, share and interact with.
  • Engage blog writers as well as photographers – on contract and free-lance basis – to publish on our site.
  • Participate in overall web design and experience.
  • Manage the social media presence.
  • Bachelor’s Degree (Journalism, Media, etc.)
  • 3+ years of direct content creation and authorship
  • 3+ years of web publishing experience
  • 1+ years’ experience with designing social media
  • Passion and interest in home renovations

Data Manager

The Data Manager will be responsible for the quality and quantity of the information in our directory.

Essential functions and responsibilities
  • Quality of database: House Homeowners, Contractors
  • Expand directory listing of businesses: contractors and stores
  • Represent needs of homeowners for inspiration and information
  • Tag sources
  • Ensure the quality and authenticity of homeowner reviews, etc.
  • Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma (Journalism, Media, etc.)
  • 1+ years of direct content creation and authorship
  • 1+ years of web publishing experience
  • 1+ years’ experience with data management
  • Attention to detail
  • Passion and interest in home renovations

Creative Specialist

The Creative Specialist will be responsible for all aspects of multimedia design and implementation. Multimedia expertise will mean working in web design as well as print media and possibly video production.

Essential functions and responsibilities
  • MyReno411 web design including User Interface
  • Web design for clients
  • Illustrate web content: articles and eBooks
  • Produce videos – videomercials (script as well as the film shoot)
  • Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma (Journalism, Media, etc.)
  • 1+ years of direct content creation and authorship
  • 1+ years of web publishing experience
  • Video production
  • Passion and interest in home renovations

The Creative Specialist will illustrate our content: articles and eBooks. Illustration would principally use stock images available through our corporate subscription.

For videomercials you will interview business owners, develop a script for them, video record them and then produce an edited video (about 5 minutes in length).