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Stunning Architectural Details To Add To Your Home

If you are searching for a few ways to add elegance and charm to your space, then here are a few ideas to add architectural detail to your home. 



Ceiling details are subtle but make a big difference in adding charm. Ceiling beams can incorporate recessed lighting for an elegant way to light up a space. Beams can also be added to create an industrial feel.  

Chandeliers and medallions are also details that add a great amount of appeal. There are plenty of designer options as well as DIY medallions and chandeliers that make for great weekend projects. 


Architectural Lighting 

The right type of lighting is all the difference in showcasing your home and creating a warm atmosphere. Consider recessed lighting or cove lighting to display the details of your home.  


Supporting Details 

Columns and pilasters add a touch of character for an air of chicness. Pilasters are attached to a wall while columns stand-alone. They are fantastic visual elements while creating visual boundaries. 


Decorative Trim

Updating your baseboards creates a sense of coherence throughout your home. Crown molding is a decadent detail that adds the right amount of drama to a space. 

Door and window trim updates are critical in managing architectural charm. With a little elbow grease, it is possible to make to a big impact with the subtle effect of polishing your door and window trims.   


By; Munira Karimjee

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Posted on August 24, 2015
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