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Interiors With Exposed Brick Walls

If there's one interior feature that can instantly add major design cred to a space, it's an interior brick wall. A brick wall is a stunning feature that adds warmth and interest to a space, not to mention instant style points in any room. 


Many people associate interior brick walls with contemporary and eclectic spaces. Modern open lofts with exposed beams and concrete or eclectic spaces full of pieces that look like they've been acquired over a lifetime of travels and trips to flea markets are probably the first two kinds of spaces that come to mind when you think of an interior brick wall. While I absolutely adore these types of spaces, an interior brick wall isn't limited to just these more contemporary styles. 


A brick wall can be a perfect backdrop to juxtapose glamour. Velvety curtains or finishes and glam mirror and crystal accents perfectly contrast a rough brick finish. Dark colors and finishes in a room with a brick wall create a cozy ambiance while contrasting a rich brick wall with a bright white or light colors keep the space open and airy.  


There are countless ways to style a space with a brick wall and if you're lucky enough to have one there are so many styles that will compliment a brick feature beautifully. Just take a look at some of the images below to get inspired yourself. Which is your favorite? Glam, modern, cozy, bright? 


Diana Tidswell

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Posted on August 22, 2015
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