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Get the Look: Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Mid-century modern style has never been hotter. Mid-century modern references the contemporary design movement in the 1950s that still dominates the design world to this day. This design style is often recognized by a few standout design elements that you can easily incorporate into your own room to achieve a mid-century modern inspired look.

One of the major design elements often associated with mid-century modern design is the woods used in furniture, accessories and finishes. Teak and walnut woods can be seen in everything from tables, chairs, sofas, mirrors, accessories and more! When it comes to using wood, the more the merrier is the motto when designing a mid-century modern inspired room. Just take a look at these images as examples.


When it comes to furniture and textiles, mid-century modern design is all about mix and matching. Mixing leather with fabric, wood with marble, old with new; mid-century modern spaces are often eclectic and appear as though the pieces have been collected over time rather than all purchased from one store at the same time. This makes for a more sophisticated and well-designed space.



Statement lighting is paramount in any mid-century modern living room. The arc lamp is a classic example of a serious design element that can be seen time and time again in many mid-century modern spaces. With clean lines but always a design twist, mid-century modern lighting is always stylish and well thought out, never an afterthought.


Lastly, brass is big in mid-century modern design. Small accessories, lamps, art frames or mirrors in brass are the perfect way to add a seriously stylish finishing touch to your space.


By: Diana Tidswell
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Posted on August 29, 2015
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