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Fun Ideas For A Kid's Bedroom

Kids rooms can be made into the fantasy that we never had.  Since they see the world in such a different way, making their room larger than life might make them seem smaller for longer. Check out this list of fun ideas for your little one’s space. 

Bunk Beds

What kid doesn’t love a good bunk bed?  Only have one child?  That’s okay, some nights they can float high in the sky and others sleep near the ground.  When they are old enough to have friends stay overnight, there is a perfect spot for a friend to slumber. 


What kids, or adult, doesn’t love an awesome blanket fort?  Make the kid’s room a combination playroom and bedroom with a creativity-inducing fort.  Give them secret places to hide or little nooks to read a great book.  Even a small, indoor slide would fit here nicely and keep the kids busy for hours. 

Specialty Furniture

Yes, a bed is a necessary piece of furniture, but just because we need it, that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring.  Let your kid’s imagination soar when they get to dream while sleeping in a pirate ship or Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage.  Whatever your little one adores, make it dreamy.  A table made from baseball bats or a princess dress can be just enough to spark their imaginations. 

Floating Or Loft Beds


Have a need for space?  Create a desk area or relaxing sitting place under a raised bed.  This will use space vertically instead of taking up the sought after floor real-estate.  Floating beds are a kids dream!  Use rope or pipe “float” the outer corner from the ceiling joists for a cute detail.  Add a ladder on one side to go up and slide on the other to go down.   

Book Ledges


A very economical and space saving alternative to bookshelves are shallow mounted ledges on an otherwise unused wall.  Later, rows of kids paperbacks can be replaced with frames of friends to create a chic gallery wall. 


Whatever you choose for your child’s room, remember they are only small once and these are the times to make the memories that will last.   


By: Erica Hebel

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Posted on August 24, 2015
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