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Favourite Black and White Bathrooms

Black and white is a classic design combo and with the recent trend of minimalist interiors on the rise, will be something we'll definitely be seeing more of!

A perfect room to implement this color scheme is your bathroom. With tile for flooring or backsplash, fixtures, vanity and accessory options available in black and white, it's easy to create your own stunning black and white washroom. Just take some inspiration from some of these rooms below.


With existing white tile and a simple white shower curtain, black paint adds drama to a small bathroom. Simple but impactful, this washroom makes a statement without being flashy or overdone.

If you're looking for a dramatic bathroom makeover, take note from this stunning space. Contrasting black and white tiles and an oversized sink make a statement while the other elements stay minimal to allow the contrast in colors to take center stage in the room.

A simple way to create a beautiful black and white bathroom is with a black vanity. White walls and flooring leave a blank canvas for the selective black accents to really pop. How gorgeous is this room?!

Getting creative with flooring can be an exciting way to incorporate black and white into your bathroom. With so many different tile options available, the sky is the limit to either find a patterned tile or create your own design using contrasting tiles.

A truly dramatic decor choice is to use black paint on not only the walls but the ceilings too. This creates a cozy ambiance but the strong contrast with lots of white fixtures and finishes keeps the room from feeling too dark. This may not be for the faint of heart but for those willing to take the risk, the outcome is truly beautiful. Just look at this room for inspiration.

If you are hesitant to incorporate too much black into your room, a mainly white space with smaller black accents can be absolutely beautiful. Through more subtle additions of black accents such as towels, artwork and accessories, it is easy and inexpensive to go monochromatic without the commitment.


So there you have it, some serious monochromatic inspiration! Which room was your favorite?


By: Diana Tidswell

Image Sources: 123456

Posted on August 29, 2015
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