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Easy Kitchen Upgrades to Freshen Up An Old Space

Often times when you buy a home or you’ve lived in one for a while, the kitchen seems to get stuck in a time warp.  It’s one of those rooms where you spend tons of time, but renovating is never in the financial budget or the time budget.  Check out these easy upgrades that will shove your kitchen into the here and now without busting either budgets. 



So simple and makes a huge impact.  Give your kitchen a fresh coat of paint in a modern hue and it can make all the difference.  An easy paint job can make a dark cave of a room turn into a bright and cheerful gathering space.  Don’t just stop at the walls, let those cabinets join in as well!  A sleek color change on those cabinets can make them go from drab and boring to fab and adoring! 



Lighting fixtures are often the aspect of the kitchen that just gets pushed to the side and forgotten.  It’s strange since we probably use the lights more than any other appliance.  Pick out some modern pendants to replace old, dated fixtures, or add some under the counter dimmers for instant ambiance.   

Cabinet Hardware 


If the cabinet color is the outfit, then the hardware is certainly the jewelry.  Make them shine with some sparkly new bling.  You can use all one variety, pulls, knobs, or handles, but a trend may be starting that mixes the best of them together.  Is brand new hardware just too pricey?  Spray paint the ones you already have and you instantly have a new look. 



It’s time to get rid of that old cookie jar and bread box that have been around for ages.  Swap them out for clean counters with a pop of color here and there.  Grab some new coffee mugs and create a trendy coffee area.  Add bowls of fresh fruit and veggies for a natural injection of color and texture.  A few new kitchen towels are always fun to shop for and are an inexpensive choice for a new accessory. 



Yes, you can groan at this one since it is quite spendy to trade up to all stainless steel, but in the long run they will only increase the value of your home.  Remember kitchens sell houses and sometimes you just have to spend money to make money.  Besides, if you’re not in the market to sell, buy them one at a time or wait for a great holiday sale to scoop up some awesome deals. 



Adding a backsplash doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking.  In fact, tile isn’t the only choice either.  Reclaimed wood, beadboard, board and batten, and mosaic glass are all great alternatives.  If you have to have a dreamy, tile backsplash, there are tons of options out there that make it really easy to do it yourself.  Don’t let the tile intimidate you.  It’s time to own your backsplash. 

There you have it.  Some really great ways to upgrade that old kitchen without busting the bank or busting down any walls.  Win-win. 


By: Erica Hebel -- Writer, blogger, and all around DIY and decorating fanatic.  She spends most of her time chasing around three kiddos and fitting DIY projects in between.  She blogs about all her budget-friendly projects and life at her blog, On Bliss Street. 

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Posted on August 22, 2015
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