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Declutter Your Garage


Garages are a great place to store more than just a family vehicle. With some creative storage options, the garage space can become the most valuable storage space in the home. Here are some tips on how to turn your garage into a storage haven. 



Pegboard is an easy and effective way to store items in your garage. Pegboards can be found at any local hardware shop and are simple to install. Additionally, hooks for the boards can be found in varying shapes and sizes for use with all major and minor tools.  

Storage Racks 


Another simple way to store household items in any garage is by installing storage racks. Storage racks can be standalone or also mounted on the wall. They are a great option for large storage bins and random items in need of a home.   



Installing cabinets in the garage is another great option for creating excess storage. Just like in the kitchen, cabinets for the garage come in varying colors, materials, and sizes. Industrial strength cabinetry can also be used to store heavier work items.  

Overhead Storage 



If space in your garage is limited, it is worth it to research options for overhead storage. Overhead storage allows you to store items without wasting valuable floor space. Above-head storage is also a great option for keeping seasonal items and keepsakes from taking up space in attics or closets.  

Custom Shelving  


Custom shelving is a great way to create storage options in a small or oddly shaped garage. Just like storage racks, shelving can be used to store boxes and household items, but can be fit to specific measurements.  


By: Sam Raimondi

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Posted on August 24, 2015
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