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Creative Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

A kitchen backsplash is like icing on a cake, it's a perfect opportunity to add color, texture, pattern and excitement to your kitchen. You can keep it simple and stick with neutrals but if you decide to get creative, there are so many ways you can add some wow to your kitchen through backsplash.  



Probably the most popular kitchen backsplash choice is tile. Tile is like paint colors in the sense that there are so many different options and choices out there that the numbers of combinations are endless! Selecting a bright or interesting tile to make a statement, using contrasting tiles to create a pattern or using a tile inset are just a few ways that you can get creative with tile for your backsplash.  

Another creative backsplash solution is to use natural stone. With so many different stones like marble and granite available in a variety of colors and looks, a solid slab backsplash makes a stunning statement. Just check out some of these bold choices using natural stone- just because it's a solid slab doesn't make it boring! 




A less popular but gorgeous choice is a metal tile backsplash. For those looking to really get creative or make a design statement, metal panels can really create a beautiful ambiance in a kitchen. There are tons of great panel and tile options out there for metal backsplash, take a look at some of these for example.  



Another stunning creative backsplash option is back painted glass. I love this option as the sky is the limit in terms of creativity and design. If you can dream it, you can have it! While cost on this option might be on the higher end if you have a specific vision and really want to make a statement, a back painted glass backsplash might be the perfect option for you! 

Which of these is your favorite?


By: Diana Tidswell

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Posted on August 22, 2015
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