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Bright And Colorful Bathroom Designs

Bathrooms aren’t necessarily the most inspiring rooms of the home, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring or blah.  In fact, adding a splash of color to this room isn’t against the rules.  Some people may say the brighter the better.  It’s time to give the most frequently used and necessary room of the home a bit of character using color! 


Why does a bathroom sink need to be neutral, let it stand out!  Sinks come in an array of different colors, textures and patterns so the sky is the limit.  Let your creativity soar. 


Bump up the energy from the morning shower a bit with some bright walls.  A lively color can definitely give you a nice boost on a sluggish morning.  Pair it with a contrasting shade to really make the room pop. 


There are a ton of different materials available to play with color and shape on the floor.  Be bold and try a repeating pattern with saturated colors.  Or be even more daring with a shape all your own. 


No longer do those honey oak cabinets need to stay that way.  Paint them, stain them, change them to be any gorgeous hue you can think of.  Anything can be changed with a bit of paint. 

Shower Curtains 

Want to cover up that surround or maybe just have another place to pour some color and pattern, a shower curtain can be your canvas.  Choose a coordinating design in complementing colors and you instantly have hanging art in your bathroom. 


If you’re not particularly ready for a bright yellow wall or a hot pink sink, you can always inject color in the accessories you choose.  Towels, baskets or bathroom related items on a shelf can also make a bold statement when using color.

By: Erica Hebel 

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Posted on August 29, 2015
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