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6 Ways To Make Your Guest Room Look More Inviting


Summer is coming to an end and before we know it the holidays will be fast approaching.  Holidays mean guests and what more do you want to give to them than a comfortable place to lay their heads.  A home away from home.  Follow these tips to turn your guest room into an inviting retreat. 

Crisp Sheets 

Sure, everyone loves clean, crisp sheets and your guests certainly will take notice.  Don’t skimp on thread count either, the higher the thread count the softer the slumber for your special guests. 

Fresh Flowers 

There is nothing more inviting than a vase of fresh cut flowers next to the bed.  Choose fragrant, in-season blooms to match the ambiance of your home.  To busy to run out and buy some?  If it’s spring or summer, go out and pick some wild flowers nearby.  Your guests will thank you. 

Clean Towels 

There is nothing more unnerving than having to ask where to get a clean towel before a shower.  Make sure you break out the plush cottons so that your guests feel like they are at a spa and leave them in plain sight. 

Extra Toiletries 

It’s so annoying to realize that you’ve left home without your toothbrush, soap, or moisturizer.  Make sure your guests are accommodated with a small basket of extra goodies just in case they have forgotten something.  It saves them a trip to the store after their possibly long journey. 

Extra Pillows and Blankets 

The last thing a guest wants to do in the middle of the night if rifle around your closets or wake you because they need an extra blanket.  Make sure there is enough bedding already available for a good nights rest for all. 

A Fan 

If your guest room doesn’t come equipped with a ceiling fan, make sure you place one in the room.  Often sleeping is difficult for some when they are away from home and little white noise will do the trick. 


Between guests, wash, stock and store all of your supplies right in the room, with the exception of the flowers.  Then even if you have an unexpected surprise on your doorstep, you’ll have everything you need for an inviting guest room. 


Image Credit: Emily May

By: Erica Hebel

Posted on August 24, 2015
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