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Who is responsible for quality checking?


Who is responsible for quality checking?

Make sure that the contractor is responsible for quality management and not you as the homeowner. Because many contractors are bound by time constraints the homeowners are often looked to to verify the quality of the work done.

Some contractors deem that work is finished whenever time or money runs out. They then leave the job, walking away, asking the homeowner to find any flaws.

Some may leave the project and job site at end of day, when the light is not as good, also leaving an invoice with a clear expectation to be paid immediately.

To deter any confusions at the end of the project be clear when you first engage with a contractor that:

  • They are responsible for quality management, that you as the homeowner must not do it as you are only responsible for final approval.
  • You as the client might want one to two weeks to review the work done. This of course may need to be done during broad daylight, for example, if painting is involved. Time should be built into the overall project timeline for this.
  • The outstanding payments will only be paid after all corrections have been made and approved.

By Alex Beraskow

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