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What does BBB mean?


Have you heard the term BBB being thrown around from advertisement to advertisement and company to company? Maybe you feel a little confused on what the three B's mean.

BBB is an acronym for Better Business Bureau. This is an organization that spans America and Canada and is a great resource to check on a particular business. They quote on their website that the BBB is "dedicated to fostering honest and responsive relationships between businesses and consumers - instilling consumer confidence and advancing a trustworthy marketplace for all."

Whilst the BBB does not recommend businesses you can search for a business and see other people's comments, and if there are any open complaints against the company.

To be BBB accredited the business needs to uphold a standard set by the organization. These are called "standards of trust" and every accredited company is monitored to make sure of compliance. Some companies are listed on the website, however, are not BBB  - the site will tell you this information.

If you have had problems with a company then you can file a complaint with the BBB whether they are accredited or not. Their complaint system is built to handle disputes between customers and businesses and they state that complaints are usually closed within 30 days.

It is stated on the BBB website that "although BBB does not have legal and policing powers, we provide information about marketplace fraud through alerts on scams to the public."

The BBB website is also a great resource for consumer tips and alerts. You can click on your local BBB site and keep up to date with any scams that are currently warned about.

Use this website as an extra resource to research your contractors and to read up on any potential scams that could effect you.

By Sarah Hoy

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