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Three ways to check your contractor's background


Three ways to check your contractor's background

When you are thinking of hiring a contractor you are often committing to a significant sum of money and/or time. You should always do your research, always check, double check, and triple check who you are hiring for a job.

Here are a few helpful places to start your research:

Review site

Just like ours! It’s just like passing a name on to a neighbour, and them telling their friend, who tells their family – its word of mouth, but with a huge audience. You can see what others have to say and think about the person you are just about to hire.

Better Business Bureau

This is a great source to see if there have been any complaints. It will tell you if the business is accredited with the BBB, and if there are any outstanding, unanswered complaints. The company sets a “Standard of Trust” which every accredited BBB business has agreed to have to live up too.

Consumer Beware List

Look to the Government for some advice. Municipal Government pages have some great advice pages and tools to help you as a homeowner. For example, the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Rights has a Consumer Beware List.

This list is a searchable public record. Information is posted on the list about delinquent businesses based on consumer complaints, actions taken by the Ministry, charges laid and convictions.

By Sarah Hoy

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