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Don't underestimate the power of an estimate


When you decide to take on a renovation then you need to collect estimates. Why? To protect yourself. You shouldn’t be dealing with people who don’t inspect the job and give you an estimate after. You should be receiving a detailed estimate.

According to Ontario’s Ministry of Consumer Services (OMCS) in their “Estimates” brochure: “Estimates should be on the supplier’s proper letterhead and include, among other things:

  • The date.
  • The full name and signature of the person you spoke with.
  • The supplier’s name, address and phone number.
  • The number of hours to be billed for doing the work, the hourly rate to be charged.
  • Itemized listing of services to be provided, materials/parts to be used and the cost.
  • Total amount payable.
  • Start and finish dates of the repair work. “

Did you know from OMCS

“Businesses are not required by law to provide written estimates except for car repairs. If a supplier refuses to provide a written estimate, go somewhere else.”

"Once you have a writtem estimate, the supllier cannot charge you more than 10 per cent above the quote unless you ask them to do more work. Extra work costs more - but you cannot be charged for services you did not approve."

By Sarah Hoy

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