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Rid of the mouldy stuff


Worried about mould in your home? Firstly, identify that it is mould. It can be black, white, actually according to the Heath Canada website, any colour. For mould to grow it needs moisture so look out for condensation, steam, and water leakage.

What do you do if you discover mould?

Protect yourself. Mould releases spores that can be damaging to your health. Health Canada recommended that you wear a breathing mask (N95 or better respirator), safety glasses or goggle, and rubber gloves. 

Clean the mould yourself

It is recommended that you can clean one square meter yourself. Put on your protective clothing and prepare a bucket with hot water and dish detergent. Prepare another bucket with clean water. Wipe the surface with the soapy water and sponge with clean, damp rag. Dry quickly.

Fix the cause

If you notice you have leak in your plumbing or steam building up in the shower room then fix the leak or add ventilation fans to the shower room.

Call a professional

If your patch is greater the one square meter, keeps returning or there are numerous patches then contact your local Environmental Health Officer for advice.

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By Sarah Hoy

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