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Referrals from a friend



Household renovations have both great reward and risk. These can be financial as well as emotional. Every homeowner wants to improve their home whether it is for resale value, to carry out routine maintenance and refurbishment, or to make improvements for better living and comfort.

The excitement of a renovation is often coupled with inexperience in the process and can be as simple as not knowing where to turn to find reliable contractors. Faith is then placed in the referrals generated by family and friends without a second guessing, and simply hoping that it will all turn out right. This trust can be misplaced.

Good contractors are hard to find as are good homeowners (clients). Often, the homeowner is relieved to find a contractor who is prepared to do the work that a friend has recommended. More often than not, the homeowner does not know the quality standards of that friend nor if they are experienced with the overall process. Equally, the contractor can proceed with a contract assuming that the client understands exactly what outcome they would like to see and therefore will not change their minds or procrastinate about design decisions, never hover about as they work, and pay their bills promptly. When one or both are wrong in their expectations, things go awry.  

Manage your expectations and do your research. Don’t just take what someone says at face value. You need to be satisfied with the person that you are working with.

By Aex Beraskow

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