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Reduce stress while renovating


Reduce stress when renovating

Just type in Google, “renovations divorce”, and you are not greeted with articles about divorcing your DIY project (although most of us may want to at some point), but you are coldly faced with endless features on how much stress a renovation can cause a partnership and/or family.

Unfortunately, at some point in your married life you are likely to have to carry out some kind of renovation, whether it is simply painting, ripping out bathrooms or hiring a contractor (or three) to remodel your living space.

Here’s a few tips on how to relieve the stress of a renovation.

Be realistic and set a budget

High ceilings, plush furniture, a pool with a hot tub attached — yes, we all have the perfect picture of our dream home, but unfortunately for the most of us a dream is all it can be. Set goals that are realistic and set a budget that you know you can afford. Plan everything out so you have something to follow. Something as simple of setting up a budget sheet so you can see the numbers day-by-day can help relieve financial stress.

A small hiccup? Relax

OK, so if a wall falls down then you have every right to jump around, stamp your feet and scream from the rooftops. However, if you find that the dust is piling up in the corner, then don’t panic. This can be cleaned up easily, so don’t let yourself stress out. Speaking of cleaning…

Tidy at the end of the day

After a long day of renovating, the last thing on your mind may be tidying up to create a mess the next day. But give it a try and see how much better you feel. Returning to a tidy work site will start your renovation day on a positive note, and it stops the mess from piling up over the course of your renovation.

Take a break

Get out of the house! Pack your loved ones up in to the car, stop by the grocery store to pick up picnic food and head out for a few hours off from your relaxation. You’ve earned it and you will be ready to work hard the next day!

By Sarah Hoy

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