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Make sure you are covered


When hiring a contractor there are many things to consider, one of them being insurance.

The Canadian Home Builders’ Association says on their website: “Your renovator should carry commercial general liability insurance, usually with a minimum of $1 million, although they may carry more. This provides coverage in the event of damage to your home or neighbouring properties due to the renovation activity, or bodily injury caused to a third party. Your renovator's insurance protects you - without it you could be liable for damages or injuries.”

You should be asking for proof of their liability insurance.

Check with your own insurance company

Having renovations done in your home can affect your insurance and you may find that you are not covered. “Typically, a homeowner's insurance plan is based on ‘regular usage of the home’. However, renovation is an ‘extraordinary’ event that may fall outside your present agreement,” says CHBA.

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