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Listen to this Garage Guru


If you ask Christine Tevlin, she’ll tell you she’s just a storage consultant. One visit to the website Garage Guru, however, and you’ll feel like you’ve met a solution goddess. Garage Guru was born when Christine invested in a storage system called Monkey Bars Storage System. She was inspired by the mistakes she saw people making with their storage solutions.

“Going to a big box store and buying big shelves or tiny wall organizers without making a plan for where all the big and awkward things will be stored.” Christine recently says when explaining the biggest blunder home owners can make when reorganizing.

“There are lots of hidden under-utilized spaces in the garage that, with the right plan and storage options you can get things off the floor.” She concludes.

Before you go assuming you’re the only one with a maze like garage, know this from someone who visits garages every day. “There are messy garages everywhere!” says Christine.

Not just the domain of the overworked or a pickle that avoiders find themselves in, Christine explained that while there’s no socio-economic common denominator in messy garages, there is a character consistency in the clean ones.

“I find the people who want the organization the most are people who are often already organized and like everything in its place and off the floor.” Christine reveals.

If that doesn’t describe you, then Garage Guru is precisely the tool you’ll want the most as spring cleaning blossoms into a reality.  But, do you need to wait? When is the best time to tackle the tidying of your garage?

“Any time you want!” Christine encouraged, “It requires some planning and time, but it's very worth while.”

She did notice one trend in when their company gets the most calls, “A high percentage of  customers are just moving in and take advantage of the clean slate to get the storage and flooring  done before hand. It's much easier to move it after we've been by.” Christine adds.

So you’ve got to be asking, what’s this going to set you back? 

“For us to come in, make a plan and install shelving, bike storage and one or two cabinets you’re looking at any range from $900 to $1800 – depending on the space of course.” She continues: “Our work is completely customizable and can be budget driven.”

Though the name suggests otherwise, they don’t JUST do garages; sheds, laundry rooms, home gyms can get the Garage Guru once over too.

“You can hang items under the shelf on our adjustable bars and hooks of up to 1000lb, so we typically do our work in spaces where you can stack bins up high.” Christine clarifies when I asked her how much exactly the shelving units can hold.

There is one downside to Garage Guru though, they’re only in Vancouver! Right now, this busy start up is struggling just to keep up with the demand in B.C.’s densely populated Lower Mainland, so if you’re in this area, lucky you. If you’re not, don’t hesitate to contact Christine all the same – she might just be able to hook you up with someone she knows near you, or put you on her waiting list as her business expands!

By Kellie Ann Benz, Images provided by Garage Guru

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