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Letter of cancellation in Ontario


Have you ever been in the position where you sign an agreement and then, a few days later, you have a sudden panic and change of heart? We all have, but what happens to the contract you signed and the deposit you placed?

According to the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services, “under the Consumer Protection Act, 2002, you have the right to cancel an agreement and have your money returned to you if:

  • The contract is subject to a cooling off period. You have the absolute right to cancel (for any reason) within 10 days of receiving a written copy of the agreement.
  • The vendor has made a false, misleading or deceptive representation about the goods or services you agreed to buy or lease.
  • The information about the goods or services, or your rights as a consumer required by the Consumer Protection Act, are not provided to you in the agreement.”

If you are currently yelling at the computer screen knowing that you fit in to the list above then get writing your cancellation letter now. The site is a great place to source letter templates. Click here.

By Sarah Hoy

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