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Interviewing potential contractors


Interviewing potential contractors

You have completed hours of research looking for renovators, and compiled a list of possible contractors. Don’t hire someone without meeting in person. It is essential to sit down and interview a potential contractor. You are going to be spending a lot of money, so make sure you are making the right investment from the beginning.

The interview is your opportunity to get to know the person that you may be working with. Determine who is qualified and find out what they can offer you. Do they have ideas and suggestions that can help you in your renovation journey?

Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions. If a contractor does not answer your questions as you would like, then move on and interview another.

The number one rule? Always remember that no question is a stupid one.

The Canadian Homebuilders Association has a great worksheet on questions to ask. Click here to access.

By Sarah Hoy

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