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How often should you check your furnace?


How often should you check your furnace?

Your furnace is your saving grace in the winter (along with a big fluffy blanket and a hot drink). So, how often should you be thinking about checking it?

It is recommended by many that your furnace is checked annually. Lindsay Donnelly from Harding Heating & Air Conditioning says: “Maintenance is essential to the performance and safe operation of your heating and cooling systems, similar to how important it is to the operation of a car. It helps to keep the system running at peak efficiency, which saves you money and also extends the life of the system.”

It is important to carry out your own maintenance on your furnace to keep it in top condition. Changing the filter is an essential part to the upkeep. Lindsay states: “A clean filter will help your furnace burn more efficiently, and will help keep dust from being circulated through your home.”

One thing to beware of is the warranty on your furnace. Make sure to check the small print. By not having an annual check, you could void the warranty. It could be classed a lack of maintenance.

We all know that gas is hazardous and we all take a risk when heating our homes by burning gas. For example, fire, gas escaping, noxious exhaust gas and risk of explosion. “That’s why it is absolutely crucial you have your furnace system regularly checked for any potential safety risks,” says Lindsay.

Check with the company that you purchased or rent your furnace from. Find out how and when they can carry out checks, how much it will cost and if it is possible (if you wish) to have another company carry out this work.

By Sarah Hoy

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