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Get ready to paint


You have the colours picked out and you are ready to start painting. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as just being able to start rolling. When it comes to painting a room you need to be prepared. It’s not hard to do, but can be a little time consuming.

Take everything down

This means all your window coverings, pictures, electrical covers and hooks — anything that is obstructing the wall.

Inspect your wall

This is the time to fill in all those cracks and holes. Use a filler to create smooth surfaces. Most fillers are applied wet. Wait to dry and then sand over to create a smooth finish.

Wash the walls

Paint will not stick to dust and debris that is on the wall, so use a warm, moist sponge and wipe everything down.

Protect the trim

You don’t want paint splashing everywhere so use painter’s tape to protect you window trim, mantel trim, floor etc.

Protect your furniture

Cover furniture with plastic, or move the furniture out of the room to be extra cautious, and make sure there are no unexpected paint drips.  

By Sarah Hoy

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