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Five tips on preparing your home for sale


Five tips on preparing your home for sale

When it comes to selling your home, you may have to think about revamping your style a little. While you might love that lime green bathroom, the people that you are trying to sell to may not.

Take some time to step back and prepare your home visually, ready for sale. This could be anything from painting to simply staging.

Clear out the clutter

You need to pack anyway, so box up any clutter that may be lying around. You want potential buyers to see the space as fresh, inviting and easy to style. It’s worth renting a storage space and packing your non-essential items away. Remember, clutter can make your space look smaller.

Details, details, details

It’s amazing how much difference small details make. For example, fresh, coloured cushions on the sofa give a homely feel. If you have an open fireplace, put candles in there and light them to give your fire a welcoming glow, and, it may seem obvious but you will be surprised how many people don’t do this, tie back your curtains. This draping accentuates your windows and creates the illusion of extra space. Organise things on show, for example if your mugs are in an open cabinet then line them up all the same way. These little touches will go a long way.

Keep things clean

It’s understandable, you are in the middle of moving and you find it hard to stay on top of the cleaning. But this is important. Give potential buyers the idea of a perfect home, dust free and well looked after. If you have pets then make sure any hair is disposed of and pet smell is vanished. Don’t leave dishes stacked by the sink, and laundry baskets in full view. Potential buyers need to see your home in the best possible condition.

Paint and fix

Carry out any minor fixes, for example filling holes from picture frames, remedying previous damp patches and broken handles. Now, give your home a fresh coat of paint. A white or cream provides potential buyers with a blank canvas that they will be able to work with.

Curb appeal

What is the first thing that people will notice about your home? The exterior. Make sure there is no clutter in the front garden. If you can, leave your car off the driveway, and make sure there is no garbage on the curb outside. Keep a tidy garden by mowing the lawn and planting a few upbeat, inviting flowers. Power wash the driveway, patio stones and doors and windows to create a sparkling first impression.

Happy selling!

By Sarah Hoy

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