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Deciding on a contractor


Deciding on a contractor

Deciding who to hire isn’t always easy and is a process that should not be rushed. Once you have interviewed your potential renovators, allow time for them to write a bid for the contract.

During this time check their references and reviews, and find out what you can about the company.

For most work, renovators should present their bids in person. Take this opportunity for them to walk you through their bid step-by-step and explain all the aspects to you. Ask more questions. If you do not understand something then ask! Do not let them leave when you are unsure of something.

Once you have collected bids from various renovators then compare. Compare anything from price to work schedules. These can include deposits, job description, material costs etc. Go through every one with them in detail so you know exactly what you are being offered.

Take a look back at the references and interview notes from your previous meeting and make a decision. Go with your overall feeling – this may not be the lowest quote, but you may feel that it is the best overall value.

Make sure you are a hundred per cent comfortable with your decision – this is the person responsible for your dream home!

By Sarah Hoy

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