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Breaking down wallpaper paste


When you walk in to a DIY store you’ll notice numerous bottle solutions and handy tools for stripping wallpaper. But, there are other options out there. Think about trying one of these — you just need a scrapper and a spray bottle!

Hot water and fabric softener

Mix three parts water with one part fabric softener. Shake in a spray bottle and spray on to the wallpaper.

Vinegar and warm water

Mix one part vinegar with one part water. As you spray, the acid in the vinegar works to dissolve the paste.

Dish soap

Spray dish soap on to the walls. The agents in the soap that wipe away greasy stains will help to break down the paste.

Hairdryer heat

Hold the hair dryer over the wallpaper until the paste begins to soften from the heat. This can be a time consuming method.

NOTE: Make sure to score the paper first so the solution can seep through. Leave each solution on for approximately 15 minutes to give it a chance to loosen the paste and then start stripping.

By Sarah Hoy

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