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Bathroom painting


When it comes to painting your home, you will need to consider different types of paint. Check out our article The Right Paint for the Job. But, when it comes to the bathroom, your usual interior paint won’t do.

There are things to consider when deciding to paint your bathroom.


The main thing to remember is that your bathroom is full of moisture. Whether it is steam from the bath and/or shower or water splashing directly on the walls, your walls while eventually be covered in beads of liquid.

Due to this, mildew can form and your standard interior paint will not stand up to the test. Bathroom paint boasts anti-microbial additives which help resist the mildew build-up.

Make sure your bathroom is ventilated, open the window, install fans, and make sure your show curtain is water tight – these are all ways to stop moisture from going near your walls in the first place.

Be tough

Another thing to consider is how sturdy the paints are. Bathroom paints tend to have a tougher finish so they are better to wipe down. In the past companies recommended high-gloss paints so the water would bead and you could easily wipe it off. However, now there are lots of options. For example, Benjamin Moore carries a number of paints including the Aura® Bath & Spa. On their website it states. “Aura® Bath & Spa is part of an innovative paint and colorant system, integrating the best technologies to deliver superior durability for any color along with the promise of long lasting beauty. In addition to using 100 per cent acrylic latex, proprietary resins have been incorporated to give this bathroom paint its extraordinary performance properties.


  • Optimized for hot, steamy, humid environments
  • No longer limited to higher sheens for bathrooms
  • Provides exceptional durability and protection in a beautiful matte finish
  • Extreme hide and coverage
  • Proprietary Color Lock® Technology ensures colour integrity and brilliance
  • Optimized to prevent water staining
  • Specially formulated to lock out moisture and keep it from penetrating the film; Mildew-resistant
  • Low VOC/ low odor bath paint so you can return to using your room more quickly.”

Don’t forget the ceiling

Just like painting the rest of your home, you may want to brighten up your ceiling. Once again, look in to ceiling paint that is especially for bathrooms. Steam rises, meaning your ceiling will collect a lot of moisture and is harder to wipe down, so you want something that is resistant.

Go into your local paint store and chat to them about what works best for you. There are so many options for you from matte to semi-gloss, to glossy.

By Sarah Hoy

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