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A guide to paint


A guide to paint

The air inside of our homes can be many times more polluted than outdoor air, and one great contributor to that can be the finishes we choose for our walls, floors and solid furnishings.

While the noticeable smell of new paint or varnish may go away in a few days, Any VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in those finishes can take several years to completely evaporate.

Something to consider whether you are doing a quick paint job or finishing after a large renovation, is the toxicity of the surface finishes we choose. Check out's page on paints and finishes to help make decisions that will lead to healthier indoor air quality.

Glossary word: What is VOC? Acronym for Volatile Organic Compound
One of a group of organic chemicals that can be a gas or vapour at indoor temperature and are found in a variety of common products such as oil­based paints and varnishes, caulking, glues, synthetic carpeting and vinyl flooring, etc. They contribute to poor indoor air quality. From CMHC Glossary of Housing Terms

Written by and image provided by Mike Reynolds,

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