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Wallpaper trends for 2014


Be on style

Just like fashion, décor trends come and go. Remember the bright, kitschy colours of the 80s and early 90s? It was all the rage and we went with it. Now, such colour schemes are almost abhorrent to homeowners. Well, prepare yourself, because wallpaper is back in a big way. It’s not in the style we remember. Thanks to new printing techniques, we have better ways to create interesting patterns and style for our homes. Of course, that’s not to say there aren’t some odd ducks in the wallpaper industry. 

The weird and wonderful

There are still some loud and ostentatious patterns out there being sold. Just check out what French company Ugepa came out with: a glittery skull pattern reminiscent of Damien Hirst’s artwork. For some people, that might seem too much. But for the creative, edgy type, that might be the perfect design. Fans of Monty Python might get a kick out of Cole and Son’s latest collection from Fornasetti. Surely the Knights Who Say Ni would say yes to that.

The classic and timeless

Of course, for those who like something a little more traditional, there is something for you. Floral designs and Damask will always be a big hit. And fortunately, they are being produced in wonderful colours that will complement any design. Such designs can be paired with modern furniture for a classy and elegant feel. Perhaps you might want to add some bling to your room and get wallpaper with a metallic sheen. That is sure to add the right kind of impact to a living room or study.

The bold and geometric

Minimal geometric prints of the 50s and 60s lend themselves well to wallpaper. Best used in a feature wall, these designs will add pop and focus to a room. Consider a black and white geometric print in your design. That way you can add in colour with furniture, artwork and pillows. Some of the best designs are the simple ones that feature concentric circles, layered squares and rectangles, zigzags and chevrons. Other bold designs include oversized flowers and towering swirls.

The photo-realistic

Nature lovers will like this trend. Imagine yourself surrounded by a forest as you recline on your couch. Do you live outdoors? No, that’s just your wallpaper. New printing techniques make it possible to bring the outside in with digital photography. Again, such a feature is best contained to a feature wall, but if you want to go big, go for it. Some printing companies will allow you to use your own photographs for such eye-catching murals. So, if the beach is more your thing, surround yourself with sun and sand year round.

The outstanding

Visual effects don’t have to be limited to big-screen movies and Magic Eye pictures. The same printing technology allows for great detail to be accentuated with “trompe l’oeil” effects that make it look 3D. Want a cool brick wall in your living room? Don’t break your back trying to build one and just glue one up instead. Other textures can create the look of fabric or wood.

The removable

The worst thing about wallpaper is putting it up and taking it down. It takes a lot of patience to line up the seams and when you mess up, you mess up bad. Why mess around with glue, when you can just get removable wallpaper? Just like wall decals and quotes, this is of the peel-and-stick variety. You can use it to create a small focus with a border. You can even upload your own design to create something unique in your living space. It’s easy to remove, so it’s perfect for apartment dwellers.

No matter what you choose, a little bit of wallpaper can add style to any room. You can make a commitment with traditional wallpaper or you can go temporary with the latest designs in removable wallpaper.

By Meagan Dieroff

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