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Wall To Wall Carpeting For Your Home


Wall To Wall Carpeting For Your Home

Purchasing wall-to-wall carpeting that best suits your home can be a challenge because of the unbelievable amount of carpet options out there. Choosing the right colour is not enough; there are other factors to be considered.

Before purchasing a carpet, you should consider the room in which the carpet is to be installed, how many people access the room, how often do these people enter the room, whether the room receives direct  light or is near outdoor spaces, and how often you are willing to clean it.

With all this considerations, you will be in a much better position to determine a carpet that best suits your home and your lifestyle.

Choosing Colour and Texture

It’s definitely important to choose the right color and texture for your home. Layered colour and soft texture is an ideal choice for most homes. A well-balanced combination of texture and pattern will reduce the visibility of marks left by soil or vacuum cleaners.  Nevertheless, you want to choose colours and textures that complement the patterns of other furnishings in the room. Textured Saxony and traditional Saxony are particularly ideal for wall-to-wall carpeting of living rooms as they deliver attractive colour combinations.

Choosing the Best Fibre Type

Robustness and appearance of a carpet depend largely on type of fibre. Most people nowadays choose soft fabrics as it’s comfortable to the feet. It also prevents noise when walking. Fibre content of a carpet is usually shown on the product description and the names may differ from one manufacturer to another. The fibre is normally categorized into five main types:


Wool is natural, soft and luxurious. It is easy to clean, provided the stain is removed as soon as it drops on the carpet. It is considered the best fabric for home carpets.




Carpets made of nylon are relatively cheaper compared to woolen ones. They are second to woolen carpets in terms of appearance and performance. They come in different designs, texture and color. Old nylon carpets can be recycled.




Polypropylene was initially called olefin. It is synthetic and does not fade. The great thing about polypropylene is it can be used for both outdoor and indoor carpeting because it is resistant to both water and stain. It is less resilient than nylon though.




Polyester is soft and luxurious. It is easy to clean and maintain but is also less resilient than nylon. This type of carpeting is ideal for bedrooms.




Triexta is one of the new players in the home carpeting game. It is robust, stain and soil resistant, easy to maintain, soft and does not easily fade.



Carpet Maintenance

Removal of carpet stains should be attended to as soon as the spillage occurs. Tap water can sufficiently remove stains when the carpet is new. However, for stubborn stains, spot removers can be used. Be sure to use recommended stain removers.

It is also recommended that you vacuum your carpet regularly – once or twice a week. Vacuuming removes dust and soil particles that can accelerate the wear and tear of the carpet. Large particles, such as food remains, can be removed by hand. If not removed, these particles can leave large spots.

Cleaning by professional cleaners should be done at least once a year. Of course, it can be done more often depending on the need. Professional cleaning should not leave any spots on the carpet. So, if you have a high-traffic area used by the kids or pets, you can still get that new carpet look, smell and feel.


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