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Five tips on upcycling


Turning your junk in to home decor treasures

Five tips on upcycling

Take a look around. Are you bored of the same old furnishings? Does your coffee table look tired, or your chest of drawers dreary? Don’t just throw it away.

Upcycling, is the word on the street! Also, known as reusing or repurposing it is a great, eco-friendly way to go. This is a trend that is going to stay — its uber-chic and saves you money.

Get started

Hold on to items that you are tired of, or if you feel feel the urge to take on a project then take a look around for something that you know you can transform — it’s like shopping in your own home. Alternatively, take yourself along to a thrift store, or even take note of items left on the street (one man’s trash is another man’s treasure after all).

Be inspired

Take a look through magazines, websites, and other people’s homes to gain inspiration. Note the kind of decor you like and start thinking about how to recreate it. Moodboards, whether physical or virtual, are perfect to get your creative juices flowing.

Decide what really is junk

While most things are great to upcycle, be aware of items that are just junk and no good. You don’t want to spend hours sanding, priming and painting only to have a leg full off of your newly refurbished table. Sometimes things do need to be sent to the furniture recycling plant.

Give it a new purpose

Just because it’s a door, it doesn’t mean that it has to remain a door. Repurpose and make it into a funky tabletop. Give your unwanted items a new meaning, a new furniture life purpose.

Take your time

Relax and enjoy your DIY project. Don’t rush and simply slap on a new coat of paint. Do your research to make sure that you are carrying out your project properly. Your hard work will pay off when you have a beautifully remastered piece to show off to your friends.

By Sarah Hoy

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