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Unique backsplashes


5 materials you can use in your backsplash for your kitchen or bathroom

For many people, having a stylish kitchen is a must on their list. A lot of effort is put into the countertops, cabinets and, obviously, the appliances. But one of the best ways to inject a little bit of personality into a kitchen is with the backsplash. There are so many options these days for something unique and eye-catching in terms of one. This can be done with a variety of materials and designs.


It’s the go-to material for most backsplashes. Sometimes it can look tired and ordinary. But it all depends on how it’s used. For those who want a modern feel in their kitchen, a sleek subway tile can look fabulous. A traditional square ceramic tile adds a cozy element to a cute country kitchen. Of course, colour plays a key factor here. Amidst neutral countertops and cabinets, a bold colour can add pop and visual interest to the space. And you don’t have to stick to just one colour if you don’t want to. Small mosaic tiles can be combined in a cool colour palette for a seaside kitchen. Other times, it’s all in how you present it. Don’t be confined to a checker pattern and try something random with your coloured tiles. Or if you have subway tiles, why not make it into a herringbone pattern? The effect is sure to catch anyone’s eye when they walk in.


Glass tiles are a great way to modernize a kitchen. Similar patterns can be achieved through this material, as well. Back painted glass can bring colour to your overall scheme. The smooth surface is great for cleaning, which is very important in any kitchen. If you don’t want any seams, perhaps a large glass sheet is what you need. Take into account the area you want to cover, including any windows and outlets, when you commission a piece to be made. Tempered glass is preferred for areas above a stovetop because of the heat.


Everyone loves the look of marble and if you have marble countertops, maybe you want to continue the façade. Carrying it up the backsplash can provide a seamless look for your kitchen. But if you’re watching your budget, perhaps you only want a small portion to be marble or quartz. The area behind your stovetop can be a great spot to accent a marble slab with a simple stone tile border. River rock can look just as great on a backsplash and the odd shapes and sizes can add visual interest.


For the industrial type, the look of steel might be perfect for your kitchen. A large sheet will be seamless and durable behind a stovetop. This look is best done in small doses to avoid looking too sterile. Tin ceiling tiles can be used as a backsplash too. The embossed design adds an old-world class to a family kitchen. You can combine metal elements with stone tile for an edge of sophistication, if that’s the style you’re going for.


Typically you don’t see a lot of wood backsplashes because of the moisture factor. But proper sealing can prevent any mould from forming. Reclaimed wood is a popular choice for nature lovers and it’s inexpensive. With proper sanding, you can bring out the beautiful wood grain for your unique backsplash. Bead board would look at home in a country kitchen, with a feel of texture and warmth. Kitchen paint would bring colour to it, while also protecting the wood from moisture and making it easy to clean.

Varied materials

It’s your kitchen and you can do what you want with it. A wine aficionado would probably love the idea of reusing old corks to create a unique backsplash above their wine bar. Crafty types might like the idea of using old maps or scrapbook paper to decoupage their backsplash. Proper sealing will be needed for a project like that, of course. Mirrored tiles will add glitz and glamour for the diva that likes to host a lot of parties. A chalkboard backsplash can be used for notes and dinner plans. Anything goes when you’re creating your own stylish backsplash.

By Meagan Dieroff

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