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Top three cleaning tips


Top three cleaning tips

Christmas day has passed and New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. What does this mean? It probably means that you have a lot to clean up! This is the time of year when you find ribbons hanging from ceiling lights, corks in the tree and stains on your carpet. Here’s three top tips to have your home back to top condition.

Clean your toilet with Coca Cola

The thing with having guests is that every room in your home gets dirty, this includes the bathroom. Do you have left over pop, such as Coca Cola? Pour some into your toilet bowl, starting at the rim so the liquid flows down. Leave for an hour and let the acid break down any stains.

Rid of water rings with oil and salt

There’s always someone that misses the coaster on the table and you can be left with water rings on your wood. Try mixing oil with enough salt to create a paste. Gently massage the stain until it disappears.

General clean with orange vinegar

So, we all know that vinegar is great for cleaning, but no everyone likes the vinegar smell. Here’s a solution. Soak orange peels in vinegar inside of a mason jar. Leave for two weeks and spray into a bottle. The orange will mask the vinegar smell.

Happy cleaning!

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