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Time to get organized!

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Easy storage solutions for your home

Picture this: toys are on the floor, coats are hung over the banister because there is no room in the closet and Tupperware tumbles out of the cabinet every time you open it. Disorganization is not fun to live with. Easy storage solutions are nothing new, especially when most of us have those large plastic bins hiding somewhere in our basements. But those are hardly attractive. When it comes to storage, most of us want to hide it in closets and when space runs out, we’re left to wonder how else we can solve our storage problems while still making the place look pretty. So, here are a few tips for both hidden and visible storage solutions.

Visible storage solutions

Not every home has a front hall closet. That’s when furniture items can double as storage pieces. There are benches that open up to contain boots, gloves, hats and mittens. Larger pieces have knobs for hanging coats and nooks for your keys. Further into the house is the living room. Again, a good coffee table can have hidden compartments for DVDs and games. There are some footstools that double as hiding spots for kid’s toys. Many of us will remember the magazine basket our moms had growing up. These days you can find stylish magazine racks that will keep the coffee table clear for when guests come over. In the kitchen, many crafty divas will utilize old coffee tins for their spoons and whatnot. A quick look at Pinterest shows a wide variety of these kinds of projects.

Hidden storage solutions

Remember the Tupperware cabinet? It’s full of plastic containers and mismatched lids that many of us weep at the sight of it. Well, with a little determination, you can use a common dish rack for sorting your mess. It’s easy to slide out and for sorting all those lids. Moving onto closets, there are many systems out there for maintaining order. These range from affordable metal ones you install yourself, to customized ones a professional does for you. It all depends on how much you want to spend. Here you can use those large plastic bins for storing seasonal clothes or, for a more stylish solution, fabric lined baskets with a spot for a label. For those who don’t have to suffer from sliding doors, there are ideas for hanging accessories on the back of your closet door. For the things you don’t have to deal with on a daily basis, you may store them in a garage or catchall room in the basement. The garage is a great spot for using build-it-yourself shelving units. The same applies for the basement, but it depends on how you use the space. An unfinished basement might welcome a more utilitarian look, while a finished one would look better with wooden shelves and canvas bins. With the right effort, you too can have an organized home.

By Meagan Dieroff

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