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Winter renovations


The renovations you can do this winter

While it is not officially winter, the temperatures are dropping and snow is falling across Canada. Not the ideal time to take on a renovation outside, so move your focus indoors. Check out our guide to the best renovations to carry out during the winter months.


Now’s the time to brighten up the room that you have been thinking about all summer. Although it is winter make sure to open a window slightly as the paint dries to release any paint fumes and watvh your VOCs.

Interior doors

A door can make or break a room. If you’ve been considering replacing yours, then now is the time to do it. It’s a quick, easy job and can give new life to your home.

Replace fixtures

Little touches can go a long way. Simply changing light fixtures, door handles, blinds etc. can give your home a whole new look.


This is the perfect time to get your home organized. Your garage, basement — where ever things are stored —can now be put in to order. Add shelves, storage units etc. to create space, and try to keep things off the floor.

Hiring a renovator

It’s usually a quiet time for contractors so make the most of having a renovator all to yourself. Often you will find winter rates to be favourable as well.

By Sarah Hoy

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