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The healthiest of homes


The healthiest of homes

Living through home renovations can be quite taxing; you can end up living in a mess and with air full of particles and chemicals. The cheapest and most common building materials often include a slew of chemicals that will pollute your air, not only during construction, but for years afterwards.

When work is done and construction crews leave, you may still have a lingering scent of them for days or weeks afterwards due to the freshness of the chemicals you've just added to your home. Not only can this offer you a reminder of more chaotic times, but those pollutants in your air can cause headaches, nausea and long term respiratory problems.

Within days or weeks the smell may seem to fade, but it can take years before chemicals in building materials are completely gone.

Fortunately as 'green' alternative products gain in popularity, the prices start to come down. For example, in the last year, the price for formaldehyde-free cabinetry materials seems to have dropped significantly. Some products are at the point where the price difference is hardly noticeable.

There can be several advantages to choosing non-toxic building materials, especially if you plan to live in your home during a remodelling project. The quality of air you breathe while construction is underway can be far less harmful as the potency is the strongest when they are new, and any particulate in the air will be less harmful if inhaled.

When work crews do finally pack up and leave, having introduced less harmful products into your home can mean that your life gets back to normal far quicker. A good example of this is a recent Kitchen rejuvenation by The Healthiest Home in Ottawa. Click here to have a read for some inspiration.

By Mike Reynolds, Image provided by Ingrid Wolk

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