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The cost a a kitchen reno


Kitchen reno break down

Asking a home owner to choose which room they want to renovate, is like asking a child to choose between two different doors to the same candy store.

Unlike that kid who can make no wrong decision, choosing the wrong room to start with could spell disaster for my other renovation plans.  So, set about assessing all of the options on paper before you get your heart set on any particular room renovation plan. This is what I did.

As a new home owner, it’s fair to say that every single room in my fixer-upper needs, well, fixing up.  At the top of my list are the kitchen and the bathroom (including my downstairs water closet), then next up would be my dining room/living room and then the master bedroom, the two guest rooms and finally, my office or, as a recent visitor succinctly coined it, the storage area. 

Starting at the top of my list, I wanted to get an average price range for renovations.  While the rooms price ranges were going to be purely affected by the design and add-ons, it was a little easier to guesstimate on the appliance heavy kitchen and bathroom.

My kitchen is an open layout with a small island in the middle. I really need all of my appliances updated, and I’d like new counter tops, new cabinets and a tile floor instead of the laminate that’s there now.

Immediately, I knew my appliances were going to be the biggest upfront cost. So, shopping around at the big retailers for the best energy efficient models was key.  Since I know I’m investing in the long haul, I am willing to spend more to get more here

Of course, once I found my ideal brand, I made sure to go to the brands site to check on sales and – wherever possible – support my local stores that carried their brands.

The prices for appliances are such a big swing, you really have to price this one out on your own.

Once I had a sense of those prices for me, I looked at counter tops.  The average price of replacing my counter tops ranged from $80 to $100 per square foot.  Knowing this detail allowed me to find the deals for the bigger piece and splurge a little with marble on my small island.  I like that I could match colour, but differentiate with texture, this suits my style well.

Then it was on to my cabinets.  I found replacing my cabinets all together was going to cost me anywhere between $800 for a basic DIY set, all the way up to $30,000 plus for cabinets that can speak your name when you enter the room – I’m not kidding. 

Since I don’t have one of those 29 cabinet surround kitchens, I only have four cabinets above the backsplash, and two on the right, I opted for re-facing over replacing.  By re-facing my cabinets I could keep the structural superiority of these old shelves, while modernizing the look. Unlike a lot of common kitchens today, I actually prefer cabinet doors.  My re-facing estimate was a nice $2,500. 

Finally, those floors. I had to be honest with myself here and admit that while I would die for tile floors, now is not the time to go there.  Instead, I was able to find a very versatile list of options at Home Depot for anything from $350 to $700 for the entire kitchen floor. 

By sleuthing around, being patient for upcoming deals and knowing where to put my money for the long haul, I’m pretty happy with the cost saving solutions I found in order to renovate the first in my room renovation wish list

Next up…bathrooms. Hello claw foot tub shopping! 

By Kellie Ann Benz





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