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Renovation scams


Be on the look out for renovation scams

No one likes the idea of people trying to take their money, and often it is hard to get your head around someone actually being able to accomplish this. When it comes to renovations, beware. Just like everything else in life, make sure not to be scammed.

“I was just passing and saw that your roof needs some work…”

Beware of companies “passing by”. Often the work does not need to be done and more damaged can be done. Never book with them straight away, do your research and get back to them.

Payment in full

No company should be asking for full payment before they have even lifted a toolbox. Same for large deposits. It is recommend by various organizations that 10 per cent is the maximum. You do not want someone taking your hard earned money and never showing up.

“This price for today only! We have some materials left.”

If a company is reputable then they will give you time to do your research and check their background. And as for having materials left… Ask who paid for those materials. The homeowners that they just finished with?

Free inspection

That old saying is still around, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Be wary of contractors knocking on the door offering a free inspection, more often than not, they will be able to find something wrong (even if there’s not).

Check IDs…

or not We are always told to check the ID of a person who comes to our door and when it comes to contractors we want to see a number to call and confirm that this person belongs with the company they say they are with. However, be careful. It has been known for people to work in teams and the person at the end of the phone can simply be someone helping with the scam.

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By Sarah Hoy

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