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Protect yourself from flooding


Prepare for a home flood

Many factors come into play when you are a homeowner. Protecting your home from damages of natural causes can be a great challenge. A common natural cause most homeowners are faced with are, “floods”. Once your home has been effected by a flood your immediate reaction is to panic.

Stop and think about these tips.

Who to call

There are a number of places you as a homeowner can call if your home has flooded. You can call your local flood prevention line and draining services assistance for clean up of the flood. Also, if you prefer to use services from private professionals than refer to your local listing in the paper, yellow book and online. 

Flood Insurance

As a homeowner it is important to make sure you are covered under home flood insurance. Having flood insurance provides you with home security. It’s, also important to understand your insurance policies. If you are ever faced with a flood take pictures of your damages and then report it to your insurance company. Taking pictures of your flood damage gives you proof of flood if you ever have to present it to your insurance company. If you do not have flood insurance, online and contact your local Municipal Government for information on flood insurance. 

Protective Equipment

The best way to reduce water damage before it happens, is to buy protective equipment. Items such as, flood proof, doors windows and flood boards that you can place on your floors and walls during flood warnings. Also, to protect your exterior walls, you can use water proof sealant. There are many different types of water sealants. However, It is said that a is the best type. Depending on your home landscapes you may require other flood equipment to use to prevent flooding.

Keep informed

If you are a homeowner that lives in an area prone to frequent flooding. It’s important to stay informed with your local news and notices from your Municipal Government. Also, calling your local flood-line to keep informed will help you too. You can find your local flood line number by simply checking online. Another great way to be informed is to get a copy of, a homeowners guide to flood prevention. This can be found online on you local Municipal Governments website.

If you want to prevent any serious damages of a home flood than follow the four tips above and check your municipal government pages for more tips on home flooding.

By Alicia Daly

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