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Pools for any space


Your very own oasis

Ever been to a resort where lush gardens surround a perfectly temperature-controlled pool that you could enjoy for days on end, only to feel the shocks of reality hit when you return home and glance at your own yard (sans pool) and wish that you could have that resort experience at home?

In actuality, if you have the space available you most certainly can turn your own garden into a private retreat that you will never want to leave. And while many of us are accustom to the notion of grandiose yard-consuming pools of the above-ground and in-ground varieties, there are several options available for use in smaller spaces.

For some inspiration, take a look below at some of the various spa and pool options to see what would best suit your space.

In-ground spa

If you are wanting to introduce a spa to your garden, but want to avoid an invasive structure that takes away from the beauty of your garden, an in-ground spa could be the perfect solution. Customizable for just about any space, an in-ground spa can be paired with a pool for a truly luxurious experience, but is an equally enjoyable element on its own and is perfect for soothing away aches after a long day at work. Just add a good book and a cold drink, and you've got your own garden spa oasis. Example:

Above-ground spa

While above-ground spas have the added convenience of not being a permanent structure and more affordable than an in-ground spa, they have the reputation of being an eyesore when it comes to landscape design. With a little creativity, however, you can incorporate a portable spa into your garden as a welcoming focal point. One option is to hide the exterior of the spa by constructing a raised deck around it and adding plants nearby. Another option is to place the spa in a corner of your garden where there is some privacy (away from your house and any fences) and plant an abundance of lush and tall plants all around to conceal the structure's exterior while creating a spa sanctuary in the middle of your garden. Example:

Natural swimming pool

A lesser-known option compared to other pool and spa designs, a natural swimming pool could be the ideal solution for a gardening enthusiast due to its eco-friendly nature. While they may resemble a typical garden pond, the water in these chlorine-free pools is completely safe to use for swimming and is kept clean through natural plant filtration. Once established, these pools require only the occasional upkeep and maintenance costs are minimal. The diversity of these pools provides endless design options that will only serve to add to the beauty of your existing landscaping. Example:

Lap pool

Perfect for a space-constrained urban backyard, lap pools are narrow, architecturally beautiful and, as their name suggests, ideal for fitness swimming. With its traditional long rectangular shape, the clean and contemporary lines of a lap pool can be used to create interesting contrast with nearby garden foliage, while the addition of lighting will transform the pool into a striking water feature. The narrow shape of lap pools also make them easier to maintenance compared to traditional pools.


Defying the conventional notion of pools needing to take up a significant amount of room to be enjoyable, plunge pools are a great choice when you desire a showpiece in your garden that will serve to complement the existing landscaping. Like lap pools, this is can be a convenient option for urban and suburban homeowners with small lots where available space is minimal. Bring your plants close to the edge of the pool, add an accompanying water feature (such as a waterfall) and you'll have a relaxing and beautiful getaway spot in your own garden.

By Erin Kelly

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