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Bold blast


On trend with touches of bold colour

When you decorate your home think bold.

We’re not saying go out and purchase hot pink paint and start covering the walls. While we love colours such as, Pantone’s colour of the year, Radiant Orchid, they will become off-trend and you can be stuck with a purple wall that you no longer care for next year. How do you get around this? You add accessories!

Start with a neutral palette. White, beige, grey, etc. These colours provide you with a canvas, just think of yourself as an artist and your home is your canvas.

Add splashes of colour. Pick a colour that stands out to you, a colour that jumps off the canvas. You can stay on trend with colours of the year, or go along with your own tastes.

Incorporate patterns in colour. A touch of floral, polka dot, and squares can go a long way to giving your home some pizazz.

Top accessories:


It’s simple, neutral sofa, bold cushions. Pinks, greens, blue – all look great on a blank canvas.


These can be small, medium or large. Placed along a white fireplace mantel a vibrant set of candles can create a talking point for your home.


Buddha heads, ornamental vases, statues, can all look great in the home. Make them in to a talking point for all your visitors to see.


Do you have a block colour table? A dark brown, white or maple? Use bold tableware to decorate the dining area. Bold green plants look great on a white table.


You can’t go wrong with flowers! There are so many varieties, shapes, sizes and colour, just putting a vase of flowers in the room can lift the tone.

By Sarah Hoy

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