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Moving out during a renovation?


Should you move out during a renovationÉ

Oh, what a question it is. Now that you’ve decided on your renovation, you’ve priced out the supplies, selected your contractors – there’s one final quandary that could significantly impact your bottom dollar: Move out or not?

Every home renovator faces it and many a contractor will counsel you on what’s best for the work they need to get done, but how do you REALLY know how to decide?

Here are five important questions for you to consider:

1) What room or segment of your home is getting renovated?

If it’s a kitchen or living room – or any communal place that everyone in the household enjoys - can you function without it? Where will you make meals if the kitchen is closed for a day or more? Can you turn the stove on in a room that’s just been treated? Do you want to watch TV with the strong stench of fresh plaster or paint?

If it’s your bedroom, can you sleep in another room while the renovations are taking place? If not, where will you sleep?

If the renovation is in your bathroom, do you have an alternative for your morning shower or nightly bath?

2) How long is the renovation expected to last?

Everyone can adjust for a day, but what if you had to make do with the changes for a week? A month? What’s more important to your life, the bump in the budget if you were to take a hotel during renovations or the adjustments you’d have to roll with in your home every day?

Is this an ideal time to consider the many home swap sites that let you enjoy a new vista at a fraction of the cost? Perhaps your renovation is a perfect time to take that cruise you’ve always thought of, or that cabin in the off season at your favorite fishing lodge.

3) Is there a possibility of an extension to the renovation?

Things happen. It’s the way the world works, some things don’t always go as planned. So what might look like a day or two, could turn into a week. Is there a chance your renovation job could be extended?

4) How many people are impacted by your renovation?

Sometimes it’s not just the people inside the home or apartment. Depending on what you’re having done the work crew and the trucks required to do the work could have an impact on your neighbours.

If so, what measures are you taking to ensure that your neighbors are aware of the upcoming disruption? Have you budgeted for a bouquet of flowers or a case of beer as a thanks for their patience? Could leaving town alleviate some parking space for your work crew or neighbours?

5) Could the necessary change wreak havoc for a family member?

Just because the renovations need to happen and just because you can see the value in the change doesn’t mean everyone in your family will embrace it. How are the fretting family members going to cope with renovators in their home? How will newness affect their world? Could taking some time away allow you to ease into the transition of change, or is it imperative that the change be witnessed?

Your renovation experience is going to come with some headaches, no doubt about it, but asking yourself these five questions could minimize the hassle, allowing you to start enjoying your revitalized home as quickly as possible.

By Kellie Anne Benz

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