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Kitchens full of colour


Use Colour to Spice Up Your Kitchen

The word “taste” is at home in the kitchen. Not only does it refer to the food that comes out of it, but also to the décor of the room. Sometimes it can be a little bland and in need of some flavour. That is where the use of colour comes in. Adding colour to the kitchen is very on trend these days, but it doesn’t have to be about following what’s popular. Colour trends may come and go, but what you like will always stay the same. There are some tasteful ways to bring colour into your kitchen décor without overpowering the final result.

Accent wall

Painting an accent wall is a basic way to bring colour into your kitchen. You don’t have to paint the entire space. Creating an accent wall is a great way to bring focus into the room and to highlight a certain area, such as a breakfast nook. Many people find warm colours, like red, appealing in the kitchen. In psychological terms, these hues are very comforting to people and even stimulate the appetite. Of course, red is a very powerful colour, so going for a subtler colour like apricot can still be just as effective. Take the size of the room into account before painting an accent wall because darker colours can make a room seem smaller. If most of your kitchen is white, you can warm it up with a shade of yellow. Grey is becoming more popular in kitchen décor and pairs very well with cool colours, like teal and pale blue.


Painting the cabinetry adds for a big pop as well as an accent wall does. The colour you use is best relegated to either the uppers or the lowers, but not both. It’s all about balance and sometimes too much can throw the whole look out of whack. The best way to achieve this balance is to use darker tones on the lowers and lighter ones on the uppers. For instance, the lowers can be red and the uppers can be white. There is a certain weight that is associated with different colours, so take that into account when choosing colours for your cabinets.

Counters and backsplash

If all that on the walls and cabinets seems too much, the next step down would be to use colour in your counters or backsplash. There are some stunning cuts of marble that include veins of colour. Other stones, such as sodalite (a blue stone), can be used for counters as well. It all depends on how much you want to spend. If that’s the case, then you can always use touches of colour in your backsplash. From tile to glass, there are many options when it comes to creating a colourful backsplash.

Furniture and appliances

Remember those retro dining sets that came in teal and red? Those can be just as cool in your kitchen today as they were back then. If not, there are always options for reupholstering your chairs in some funky, colourful fabrics. Or, if you’re feeling whimsical, why not paint your dining room table blue? The end result would make for a fun gathering spot for everyone. Colourful light fixtures would make a subtle impact on the space, while still illuminating the room with colour. And your appliances don’t need to hide in the cabinets when they’re pink or purple. There are a number of colourful toasters, blenders and teapots that can brighten up any kitchen.


Last but not least, the accessories are what make the space yours. This can range from cute, little tea towels to colourful mason jars that hold your tea. A set of colourful knobs can add personality to neutral cabinets. Accent lighting around the floor can make it easy to find your way around at night, while also casting a soft, blue hue. The colour you bring into your kitchen is a way to show off your style and invite others into your world.

By Meagan Dieroff

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