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What to do with your dog during a renovation

The renovations are set to go. Now, it’s time to prepare for the inevitable mess that is to follow for the next little while. When you start a renovation you know that you are going to be disturbed by loud noises, dust, dirt, mess, hanging nails, loose materials… these are all safety factors. Whilst you keep your children and yourself out of the way as much as possible, what do you do with your dog?

If you are having contractors in to your home, then not only may your dog feel uncomfortable, but if they bark at then contractors all day long, or jump all over them consistently, then it is hard for workman to do their job.

If you are thinking that you could put them in the garden then consider the season. In the winter, and the hot summer months, they cannot stay outside for long periods of time. If they do then you need to make sure your garden is secure and they have everything they will need.

Having the dogs inside can be another obstacle. You wouldn’t want to inhale dust yourself, you wouldn’t want your children too, so you wouldn’t want your pets too either. If you are undergoing a large renovation, then consider boarding, at least for the time when you are not there. This means the contractors are not disturbed and the dog is aware from any danger.

If boarding isn’t an option for you, then call on friends and family to see if they can help out. Ask if you can leave then dog at their place during the day.

Make sure the family is involved. If you have children, ask them to look out for the dog and to take them out for walks to get fresh air. Clean-up and make sure that there are no small pieces left on the floor that they can easily pick up, chew and swallow.

If you are moving your dog away from the home for said amount of time, them make sure they have things with them that are familiar and comfortable. May be their bed, favourite toy, and blanket with the home smell. This can help them from anxiety issues.

Finally, keep an eye on your dog’s health. If you see something different in them after being around a renovation then take them to the vets.

By Sarah Hoy

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